How to take care of the tattoo:

  • Do nog touch the tattoo,in necessary onlangs with clean washed hands.
  •   Wash the tattoo 3 times a day ( with clean hands) with just lukewarm water until the tattoo is healed.
  •   Pat the tattoo after washing dry with a clean towel or papier towel.
  • Lubricate after drying light in with unscented vaseline or bepanthen.
  • Do not cover the tattoo with tight or/and dirty clothing.
  •  Avoid contact with bathing water during the healing process , hot tubs , natural swimming water . Also make nu USD of sauna or stram bath .
  •  Do not expose the tattoo to the sun or tanning bed. Also after curling is recommandeer a high factor sun cream on the tattoo to lubricat .
  •  Of you have extra redness,stelling,color change of the wound or pain,always consult your doctor.